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I had to visit our beautiful (Eeek. Not everywhere.) capital today. I needed to finish moving out from my dormitory and I had to fetch my father’s mobile phone as well. Pretty easy tasks.

However things turned out to be not that easy. At my dormitory it was revealed that I still have to pay last month’s fee. I only had money on my credit card so I went to the nearest post office to make the transaction. Asking my ID the officer had to turn me down as my ID was valid to the 30th of June. Luckily I found a bankomat which does not ask for IDs…

Oh… forgot. On my way there on the train I fell asleep after putting my book I was reading on the little table near my seat. Waking up I looked around to check if everything was packed. I took my backpack and stepped off the train when I noticed my bag is too light. It used to be heavier. My book wasn’t in it, and I remembered then I put it on the table. However I also remembered that when I woke up and looked around it wasn’t there already! Someone must have taken it while I was sleeping. Intentionally or unintentionally it will remain a secret. I am still very annoyed though. I am curious how the story of the book ends in the first place.

To my great relief the fetching of the phone went flawlessly.

Coming home I found the email of Kathy who was kind enough to run through some of the pages on and check them for mistakes. Many thanks to her! Take a look at the {bio} page for changes.