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I spent half of today with things that didn’t profit anything to me only made me angry. I borrowed Neverwinter Nights from a friend of mine and me and my brother tried to set up a nice multiplayer LAN game. However for some strange and unexplainable reason NWN didn’t run on my brother’s computer. Nothing helped: reinstalling the game, reinstalling detonator, patching the game, nothing. It didn’t even bother putting up some error message, just quit to the desktop.

In the afternoon I experimented some with AO to see if my link dead problems would solve. They didn’t. It was so annoying being LD every minute in Inner Sanctum while everyone else was enjoying the exceptionally good teams and loot.

So I ended up with a headache again and I also made my mother upset because as she said I should value what I have. Thats quite right I am seldomly satisfied with things, something or someone is always a hair in the soup. Some more positive attitude could boost my standard of living for sure. It just I am always hitting walls in the process. :(