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RDSL c'est arrivé

Hey there. Nop, I am not dead. :P (I was wondering – really – what would happen if an online journal’s owner actually… well… kicked the bucket. Would the readers consider departing as a possible cause of the ceasing of posts?) Anyways I am back now, and hopefully for quite a time you can enjoy/laugh at/despise/find pathetic/hate my weekly efforts to convert my spinning thoughts into something readable.

Despite of the mildly hot and sunny day and the vacations I have a small, lurking, pounding little headache in my temples. Trying to ignore it is the best I can do. And I am listening to Norah Jones to soothe it.

Looking around my headache seems not *that* unexplainable though. My room strongly resembles a crime scene with the unmade bed and papers and CDs on the floor. Yeah, well, it seems vacation is endless fun and joy it has the side effects of making you lazy. Not that I hadn’t been lazy enough before. :D

Oh, almost forgot. How come I have Norah Jones to listen to? No, I didn’t win the lottery to be able to buy CDs. Nah. I have 7/24, unlimited, fast RDSL connection! Exactly what I was longing for so long now. One little hair in the soup is that AO seems not to like my connection and drops link dead every single minute which is the most annoying thing ever.

And as bad things don’t go alone such seems to apply for good things too as my Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix has arrived three days ago from Needless to say that only the pathetic human needs of eating and sleeping prevented me to read it in one go. Sadly my English is not nearly developed to express my thought about the fifth HP book. I was deeply touched, I was laughing that tears came to my eyes and I felt the unmistakable empty feeling in my head and stomach when the book ran out of pages to read. As the Potter boy comes of age so does the story and world of his develop.

I am planning to make a full review on the book but that needs quite a time to evaluate.

All in all. I hereby promise I will be back with more posts. And not in a month. (But earlier!) :P