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Geez. Every time I check my site I often see very old updates. Past week I was thinking about updating like every day but all the time my laziness won and I postponed it to the following ‘tomorrow’. This update I started yesterday as well, but I was forced to leave my computer being a class in the room I was writing. And this time I am having an IT class myself as well. But as I must update I don’t really care much about it… :)

I am happy that even if no updates are present I have some extremely loyal visitors that check out for updates tirelessly. Due to this my site passed the magical five hundred visitors. Weeeeee! :)

I also promise this time that I will post things more often. The problem with me is that I tend to keep my promises. So this means I will either update or have painful struggles with my conscience.

This week I saw a movie I was looking forward to: X2. Recently many comics are made into films. Basically I like this idea because it means some refreshment from the endless action moves Hollywood makes. It is not a bad thing if a movie has a story and some ideas unique to the movie industry.

I liked X2 for the idea of mutants. People that have abilities many of us would love to have, though they do not differ from us, humans, that much. The movie also portrays the human nature very well: everything that is different from ‘normal’ is sick and a bad thing that is to be destroyed, even if the difference can be used positively.

What I didn’t like about the movie is that because I didn’t see the first part there were many things that didn’t make any sense to me. For example I don’t know even now what the real special ability of Rouge is. (I hope I know her English name right.) There are also personal connections and past events only referred to but not cleared in a satisfying way.

The other parts like story and shooting were ok. I was expecting a little more thrill and action after watching the trailer but I guess the fans wanted storyline improvements and some meaning instead of non-stop action. And in the end it turned out ok, a fairly exciting movie with things to say.

What was undoubtly successfully implemented however was the atmosphere. For two hours you can sink to your seat and step into a dream world of an alternative future with people which is full of people with special magical-like abilities. Truly awesome.