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Kata pajti

It’s even hotter outside and now no refreshing breeze blows either.

Yesterday evening I couldn’t sleep well again because there was some kind of party held at the common room of the building besides my dormitory. No matter I closed the windows – which made the room hotter than ever – it was still too loud to ignore it. As a result I am constantly yawning as I write and I was late from my first class as well.

What more I made a big mistake. I forwarded a letter about a poll that was already over. Me. The anti-spam-fighter. Shameful…

Speaking of happier things I saw Johnny English yesterday. It was funny but not at all as hilarious as I expected. There were some jokes that were pretty much obvious and I didn’t like the story either. Not that a movie like this should have a story but this was dumb in a not-funny way. I was surprised by the appearance of Natalia Imburglia in the movie though. Since when does she work as an actress as well?

the day before yesterday I visited the cinema too – I’ve got some movie fever it seems. I watched The Recruit. Basically I was interested because of Al Pacino but his role was secondary in most of the scenes. At the end he had a spectacular monologue though. As for the story it started a bit slowly and dull but after the recruited were sent to field excitement grew. Despite of the many twists and turns the story has I still missed something. I don’t know exactly what… some kind of whoaaaa-thing, a surprise or twist I couldn’t think of in my dreams even. And I didn’t like the ending either. Something darker, not this straightforward would do better in my opinion. It is recommended to see if you are interested in the ways of CIA or like spy movies. And Layla looks nice as well. Speaking of her…

Apparently a surprise hits in every movie I see for example in this one I had to realise that the actress playing Layla resembles very much to an AIESECer in our LC. The similarity is shocking, they look exactly the same. I downloaded a wallpaper and put on the desktop of one of our conmputers in the office. Some people coming in thought I did some kind of editing and put Kata’s face on a movie poster… :)