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Easter vacation

Since quite a time I didn’t update. Shame on me, hehe. I think it is best seen as a holiday from posting thoughts to a journal. Actually I had a ‘real’ holiday too, the Easter holidays. So I took the opportunity and played as much AO as I wanted to… and that is a lot, believe me. :)

I started to visit the ace camp where the mercenaries (Ian Warr and his gang) spawn, and managed to get two pieces of the famous azure armor. Like a martial-artist friend of mine said: ‘I see you are going blue’. Plus I reached the level 184, which is not title level 6 – as I planned – yet, but I achieved so many other things that I am satisfied. Oh, I almost forgot the most important change. I started to use pistols instead of swords. Though I still think swords are very cool to swing, my experiences proved that a ranged weapon has many advantages, which the melee attacks lack. So I took a deep breath and reseted my sword skills putting all the IP into pistols. And I got a Pain of Patricia gun, too. So recently I have a hard time not to steal the agro from all those enforcers and soldiers… ;)

Last weekend was Easter, too. Not being religious, Easter is not that important to me, but it has the advantage of being a national holiday. What you in foreign lands may not know is that we, Hungarians, have a special tradition connected to Easter. On the morning of the Monday of Easter the male inhabitants of the villages visited the girls in their homes and sprinkled water on them (from a bucket) after telling them Easter rhymes. In exchange the girls gave the boys hand-painted eggs. Not being sprinkled was a great shame for the girls so if they resisted that was only for the show. Nowadays this traditional bucket-using sprinkling is found only in villages, in towns men use perfumes. And instead of painted eggs some use chocolate eggs. What remained unchanged are the rhymes.