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true Anarchy

Things are not going ver well on Rimor lately. Guilds break and dissolve; people go mad and jump from guild to guild seeking for more and more power; wars break out, neighbours who lived peacefully until now suddenly start to massacre each other. And people I liked leave. I was shocked by the news that a person whom I look up to as a player and RL person as well leaves AO. His name is Armaklaesy and he was one of the reasons I joined Velvet a year ago. AO starts to resemble its name: anarchy.

To counter these black thoughts I have now the weather is very nice outside. The sun shines on the cloudless sky and it is very hot. It’s hard to believe, that not that long ago it was freezing cold and snow outside. Well, as predictions say cold will visit us once more in the weekend.

Today morning I was woken up at around six by loud music playing outside. No matter I closed the windows, the volume didn’t decrease by much, it only got hotter inside. I think as this is a military establishment they may have had some kind of gathering outside. However I do hope this does not happen very often…