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Two thoughts about Chicago which I was thinking about yesterday afternoon. Firstly the acting of Renée Zellweger. I first saw her in Me, Myself and Irene where acting wasn’t that important really. I missed her as Bridget Jones which I am sorry about. That movie is also said to be hilarious. However I didn’t think she was this good as in Chicago. I especially like the part when she plays a puppet. It is perfect. Plus her voice is outstanding as well. For me she meant the biggest surprise in Chicago.

Secondly a sad thing is coming. At least sad for us Hungarians. Do you remember the Cell-a-tango? Well in that song the foreign language you can hear is *supposed* to be Hungarian. The bad thing is that I only noticed this because the subtitles went away in the cinema. First I thought, well, they didn’t want to translate this French or Russian or… wait… my god! This is Hungarian! I could understand *some* words of it. I was informed later that the woman who plays the Hungarian murderer is originally Russian. And now after seeing Chicago two times I still cannot understand the whole story she tells in my mother tongue. I found this outrageous. How on earth can a director allow disgracing a language in this shameful way in a hundreds of millions dollar movie? Couldn’t they find a Hungarian dancer/singer for this role? Or couldn’t the woman speak her language, Russian? Probably they found this unimportant. Hungary, oh that Asian country in the Balkan that has a Slavic language… who cares. Actually Hungary is in Middle-Europe and our language is of Finno-Ugrian origin. Minus one Oscar. Or two.

To soothe my wrath outside the sun is shining and birds sing a song of the just-arrived spring. It’s hot compared to last month; I don’t have to button my coat even. :)