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more movies

First of all, if you wondered what 28 days after is… it is {28 days later}. I wrote the English title incorrectly, sorry about that. Least it was good for the fact that I needed to dig up a link for the movie.

Lately I am not very joyful for some reason and I compenstae this by watching films all the time. Yesterday I saw {Chicago}. I had high expectations because of the 13 Oscar nominations. The movie entertained me for sure. Luckily they didn’t try to dub it so I could enjoy the original English speech and songs. (I doubt a movie like this can be dubbed at all…) The film itself is very good in atmosphere. The dances, the songs and the moves of Zeta-Jones and Zellweger are fascinating and also the behind the scenes parts are. A strange world, where corruption, blood and murder are presented to the joy of the audience dancing and singing. Should you have commited the largest crime against the law you can still prove innocent. Publicity and money is stronger than anything else. You are free to choose if you like it or not, but Chicago and lately the whole world works like this.

Now if you read a post from the beginning to the end empty your minds as something very different comes: {Spirited Away}. An anime nominated for the Oscar. I saw it today morning (As it is supposed to be a child-movie.) and I found it very entertaining and enchanting. If you saw only European and/or American animated films this will be unique for you too. It somewhat resembles to an Alice in Woderland story in Japan. But this film is more than that. It even has blood in it. Have any of you ever seen a disney animation with blood in it? Plus it lacks the sugarsweet candy ending. All is… enchating, there is no other word for it. And not only for children around 10.

Looking out of the window I see the sun setting. The walls of the houses are turning reddish-yellow. Time flew by for when I sat down outside it was springtime sunshine. My stomach also warns me of time so I am off to eat.