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AO meeting

No update for a long time. It’s entirely my bad, and the reason is pure laziness. I have always had something else to do rather than updating and I chose the former. Not that there weren’t anything to write about, on the contrary I saw movies and played some AO and had experiences worth sharing. It’s just not that easy to sit down and write them down.

I haven’t read Ragnar’s journal for a while now which I need to do soon out of curiosity. However when I last read he wrote about a very interesting plan of his, namely that he is writing a script (I guess this is the right word for the writing out of which movies are made) from the novel Rules are Rules. The one I have translated. It would be immensely awesome to be able to watch the movie made from that novel. I would feel special. :) Well, it might cause troubles as well as I had no written permission for translating… Anyway even if it will be made into a film it is an event of the future still.

Last week I saw 28 days after. Being Fallout 2 one of my favourite game I liked the movie very much. It somewhat made me think of Resident Evil as well because it starts at a point Resident Evil ended. The film was thrilling, it makes you feel uneasy in your seat. You can truly understand what insecurity is, when you are alone or only a handful of people around and you are too afraid to shut your eyes and sleep even. This movie is a must for post-apocalyptic fans.

Yesterday’s event was the Hungarian Anarchy Online meeting held in a restaurant. I spent a good time there chatting about our recent experiences on planet Rubi-Ka. It is nice to meet the people who are behind the characters ingame. However they kept joking on me being the only one out-of-guild person. I wasn’t absolutely positive if they didn’t mean it seriously sometimes.