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ups and downs

Back again at university and I had my fair share of those unbelievably tiring and exhausting Monday-Tuesday combos again. I had to notice that while I am longing here like a shell of a robot only attending lessons without his soul present the outer world didn’t stop. Many things have happened lately.

Firstly some great news: The Longest Journey – the game that rocked my world; that meant an experience unrepeatable – will have a sequel. Yep, TLJ2 is in production with the old team that created TLJ. And being that 2 in the name it will be more beautiful, more detailed, more entertaining and just more perfect. At least it is promised.

I do hope it will be. I pray that all these promises will come true. But there are two things that make me uneasy and unsure. I am not yet sure that TLJ2 will come out for PC. If not, that’s a disaster. An end of the worlds as I do not have the money or the intention to buy any console however cool they are.

It is also said that TLJ2 will feature less speech and dialogues. I have heard this from many people that there were too many dialogues in TLJ. I don’t think so. Playing an adventure game is much like reading a book for me. It is just much more complex, more detailed as it has voices and pictures. I loved the long dialogues when you could really leave this world and got transferred to Arcadia or Stark. The charms of TLJ lied in the dialogues, the logical, exciting and well-built speeches of the characters. Please, if you make fewer dialogues, don’t let the TLJ spirit fly away.

Side note: My opinion considering multi-threaded adventures is quite the same: I don’t think a game is bad just because the riddles have one solution and you can progress only one-way. I take these as stories, I don’t want to interfere, I like the way it has been written and I solve the puzzles to see it unfold. I don’t like the fact either that players want more endings just to fit their needs. Let there be one ending, either you like it or not but that IS the definite ending, the one that has been intended by the game creators, and the one that they think best suits the story. It is their game after all. If I want a story that fits my view of the world I write one or at least think about one. When I play an adventure I’d like to see how they see the world. Adventure is not an RPG, you are not April Ryan when you play TLJ, you are an outsider, a spectator, a watcher who can whisper into April’s ear to help her. And what happens next or at the end is not your choice. It is defined by fate, the fate intended by the game designers. Again it is like books.

Secondly… well I am a little confused. About me. Lately I feel I do nothing productive. I mean something that I start, work on and then realise. Learning has nothing to do with productivity it seems, I attend lessons, some dull some interesting, but I see no end. Economy has also nothing to do with productivity. Economists don’t create anything. Their sole function is to optimise and see the future. I mean to find out what goods will be looked for. There is no morality in them. If you somehow find out that many people will look for child-porn videocassettes, an economist would advise any company to sell child-porn. That’s the way the world works, anything is sold if there is a demand. Drugs, cigarettes, weapons, everything. And as an economist, you help keeping this up. No matter you like it or not. Don’t think I would like to do this all my life…