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give me Novocaine

Sunday has passed, slowly and silently. Sundays tend to do that, sadly. This time I decided to travel to Budapest on Monday morning instead of this evening. Laziness rules the world. ;)

This afternoon I saw Novocaine, which proved to be quite interesting. It involved surprisingly much sex and violence to a comedy, and it was rather frightening than hilarious at some points. I liked this small mixture of genres, though the crime thread wasn’t very smart. The character of the dentist is well formed and Steve Martin’s play makes it even better. He is persuasive in the role of the dentist who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Altogether the movie is fun, you can spend a nice one and a half hour watching it.

Well, see you next week. I don’t promise more posts. All I can promise is that I will try. I haven’t had such a down yet that I couldn’t promise that I would try. :)

Hm, the clock has turned to midnight, so read all tomorrows todays and todays yesterdays.