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It’s morning. Yaawn. Me hides under the blanket.

I’ve doing bad with updates I admit. I slept, played AO or just did nothing instead. The Old Gaffer in The Lord of the Rings says “The work you never start takes the longest time to accomplish.”. And updating did take long…

But as a compensation today is declared Big Update Day. ;) I redesigned the look of the {Stuff page} and added a link to the {AIESEC HUngary} site, too. AS a matter of fact there should have been another update, the translation of an Excel tutorial but I was dumb enough to forget to copy it to a disk so it is still at the Salthouse. One day I’ll forget to eat and die a shameful death, mark my words.

Since a couple of days all the lights went out in the tunnel that connects the pavement in front of the university and the tram stop. As many times I have to go home late in the dark I have to pass this tunnel as well. It is quite an experience because almost no light is able to penetrate thugh the exits so down there is like you lost your eyes. Being deprived of seeing, our best sense is very unpleasant I can tell. It is not like when you close your eyes, you cannot unmake your ability with that. In that tunnel dark is heavy and dense. Blindiness should be like that.

Plus I had an extraordinary experiece travelling home. I cought a train that goes to Romania. No offense to anyone but that train is one of the dirtiest and worst of all on this line. (I don’t say why nor judge, just state!) The train was strange for the first sight: no Romanian coaches. I knew something is not right at the very moment. Boarding the train surprises continued. It was relatively clean and looked like it has recently been renewed. It was heated and the lights were on. Most unbelieveable! And that shocked me mostly: there was paper towel in the toilet. Don’t laugh, on this line it is definite luxury! :) Well, ok, water didn’t come out of the tap, but everything cannot be so perfect… :)