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IT exam

My Mondays and Tuesdays are getting more and more exhausting as the semester carries on, and this is not the best sign at all. I wrote a test in information technology on Monday, which was supposed to be a piece of cake. Well, I don’t say it wasn’t easy, it was, but the questions were seriously mental… Like: ‘Is the User Guide a hardware or a software?’ I really don’t think that this knowledge is essential on the field of IT.

I browsed through {the official Corrs website} and found out, that No Frontiers is originally a song of Jimmy McCarty, an Irish national folk musician. Still, the Corrs version is better in my opinion. ;) On the site there are various other info. Sadly the interact section – where you can ask questions which the members of The Corrs answer – is made up of videos. Needless to say that these are not viewable on my ISDN connection at all.

Again I have many things in my mind to tell but I don’t have the intuition to form it into cohesive, nicely written sentences. Sometimes this happens.