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No Frontiers

“Heaven knows no frontiers, and I see heaven in your eyes.”

I had always liked The Corrs. Their music was pleasant to listen, elaborate and rich. But now I became fond of them. All this happened due to two concert videos…

In the dormitory of mine there are three of us. One of my roomies has a computer like some of the students there. To be able to play on LAN they set up a network and – in addition to this – they shared their hard drives with movies, pictures and mp3s on them. This is how I found one day two Corrs videos.

I brought them home on a mobile rack and saw them yesterday and today. One is The Corrs live at Royal Albert Hall which I saw first. It was awesome to see The Corrs live, dressed in black velvet in that temple of music. Their song, Love to Love You echoed in my mind for along time before I fell asleep that night.

If that filled me with awe, the second video I saw, The Corrs at Landsdown Road (Dublin), imagine what did to me. This concert was so energetic at the peaks and so gripping at the calms that I have never experienced before. When they played traditional tunes or tracks like So Young, that made everyone smile, cheer and want to dance. No sorrow could fight them.

And then, Sharon and Caroline stood on two bar stools in front of two microphones and they started to sing No Frontiers. Their clear voices filled the air like a pair of tolling bells in the crack of dawn. That song truly hits. Its lyric is so simply written though its meaning is deep. I always found amazing the way some people could use words. I always have a hard time finding the correct ones for expressing myself clearly. This is why I adore No Frontiers. Today I will sleep with a smile on my face and a delight in my heart for I have had an experience that will accompany me to the last day of my life.