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IT education

I was a little out of concentration yesterday. I wrote the new journal entry, inserted it to the journal page but forgot to FTP it up. This is why you weren’t able to see yesterday’s post yesterday.

I just had an ultraboring IT class. It is named basics of information technology but really we are doing Excel and VisualBasic. However many people in the group aren’t familiar with the basic usage of Excel or even computers, so this really limits the effectiveness of the course. I had a hard time fighting not to fall asleep. :)

I am looking forward to Thursday when I can finally go home. I have lots of classes in the beginning of the week. Believe me it is very tiring, so much passive listening on lectures. And sadly most of the time classes are very passive. I think doing anything actively wouldn’t be much easier or even not that tiring but still it could make the whole thing more interesting. The education in Hungary has serious problems I think. Schools have few teachers only and they are forced to have tons of students, because the state pays schools and the number of students determines the payment. This can only be solved by investing an enormous amount of money into education which cannot be done soon I fear. For we are in the gate of the EU and Hungary has to improve many things not only education.