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Man, you are good

“Man, you are good!”

Previously I had the disciple not to do some things I thought are worthless and dumb. This included watching endless and meaningless TV series and reading human-interest magazines. Now I pretty much failed in keeping those two. For I do watch TV series, even dumb ones occasionally, because there are times when my mind is tired that I find comforting just to lean back in an armchair in front of the television and just watch not think. And in evenings when my family is gathered in the living room where the TV stands we sometimes watch these with half an eye while talking.

As for magazines I read them only when I find one at home in which there is an article about a person I am interested in or I like. I still try to avoid being seen when doing so. :) These are papers made just to pull tons of money out of our pockets every month in my opinion and I don’t like to be caught.

But last time I read an article I found something that I have to admit is very true and very important. A Hungarian actress was talking about her experiences in a shooting that took place in New York: ‘In the US people keep telling you how good you are and how good you are doing. And after that they tell you how can you improve, what should you do even better. In Hungary it is pretty much the opposite. And I liked how they do it in the US much more.’

This is truly true. Here we are always told how bad we are and how much we should improve compared to others. Even in the university. Before I failed my analysis exam I have heard two students talking. They said that they overheard a conversation between two teachers and they said that they plan 80 students to fail this year, and whatever comes that number must be filled. So should we have been the best students ever, all of us being a natural born genius in maths still 80 of us would have failed. So encouraging, isn’t it?

Anyway I am sure a more positive attitude towards others should be introduced here. The thought of being good makes us better without any other effort. And the thought can be implanted with words, with the compliments of others. And honestly saying to someone: ‘Hey, you are great, you do very well, and if you do this thing a little more, you will be awesome’ shouldn’t be that difficult. And it costs nothing.