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snowdrift ante portas

“Snowdrift ante portas”

It has been snowing since Saturday almost continuously. Needless to say that this harsh weather in February is not common here at all. Snowfall resulted in the familiar consequences: problems in transportation. Trains are delayed, buses and trams come and go randomly and even walking on the street is hard due to the thick layer of unshovelled snow covering it.

Not looking at the bad side of all this, the sight of the untouched sea of snow was quite pleasant from the window of the train I travelled on yesterday. I guess it is even better for the crops because covered with the soft and warm white blanket they do not freeze.

Earlier this week I saw 8 Miles in my dormitory. I have to admit that Eminem and his music weren’t my favourites ever. This is why I was greatly surprised by the film. The plot of 8 Miles is not very original if you look at it, almost fairy tale-ish but the way it is presented is still very good. The part of Detroit where the blacks live has its own rules. Escaping from there is hard, only but a few can achieve it, though everyone seek it. You have not too many choices, out of which music is one.

It must have been hard to grow up among black people being the only white. Not because of any racism but the pure fact that if you differ from the mainstream either positive or negative, you are always disliked. This is the human nature. But all is not this dark: when Rabbit defeated everyone in rap-battle he was looked upon even by those who previously spat at him. And a moment like that though cannot erase the past scars but can fill the soul with satisfaction and strengthen for the next challenge.

I guess I am getting too philosophical, but I cannot help. :) The lion’s share of today I spent with webediting, so I really needed some change from divs and hrefs.

The result of today’s work can be checked out at {} but as it is yet in Hungarian, if you don’t speak the language you can only admire the design. Or frown at it, the choice is open. :)