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back 2 the dorm

My Monday and Tuesday happened to be a little… hm… long and tiring. I don’t have to get up early thats right but I have classes ’till 6PM. Believe me it is quite a lot. Plus I have many things to do – start-of-the-year-administration kind things – so this is why I didn’t update.

New semester means also new subjects out of which Microeconomy was the most interesting. Well we had one lecture and a seminar only but the way we are taught is to my likeness.

Coming back to my dormatory (Previously I used the word accomodation as I thought for some reason that it means a place where university students have rooms. I don’t know why though. After seeing Boys&Girls I think dormatory is a better word. However if you are a master in school vocabulary you are free to mail me!) I had the chance to watch 8Miles the day before yesterday and a Hungarian film which doesn’t have an English title. I might post something about these but not now. I am tired what more: hungry! So I need to go and eat something before my next class starts. Cya then.