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Boys and Girls

New month and this means 40 hours of Internet access in the broad daylight. We had the time of our lives with my brother today being able to play our little team in AO together again. As Jagienka (my high adventurer) is able to supply these youngsters with as much money as possible it is relatively easy to level them. Besides, they are quite uber to their levels as well, so they are pure fun to play.

After AOing I couldn’t help but to see Boys and Girls again. The eyes on my desktop demanded it, what more commanded me to do so. So I gave in. :)

I am always troubled when my opinion is asked about movies because I pretty much like all of them. Take Boys and Girls for example. It is obviously not a piece to be awarded by the Oscar but still it can be good in my opinion. It portrays the life of two young people who are going to university and it is quite authentic. Still I wonder what an I-am-a-professional-critic would say about it. After all I do not care as I always have a great time watching it and I always have feelings about it when seen.

If we look at acting I can only say the following: for me a good actor is one who can make me believe that what I see is not him but the character he plays. It is just this simple. Therefore I am very satisfied by the so called ‘acting’ part in this film.

Some can say a movie should be about something serious: it should have something to say. In this case I do think Boys and Girls have things to say. It does not need to be all the time something that is deep and cunning. Simplicity has its beauties. And no, I am never tired of happy endings or the fact that I know what will happen. It is just good to see that what I expected became true and I can feel relieved and joyful for finally everything turned to be right. There are always things that trouble us, that upset the short-lived balance we sometimes manage to find but if we can look back that previously we succeeded in solving these problems, it might help us to see the brighter side of the world this time again.

I do like films that are ‘lighter’ in a way. When I don’t need to think that much just lean back and enjoy. Laugh at the situations for I have felt some of them myself and let the happiness that is in the movie lighten my heart as well.

Not long ago in a magazine I read an article about a film the title of which I cannot remember. It was a mainly entertaining movie as well lacking any ‘worthy’ content as some may say. The critic who wrote the article said that it is somewhat like Britney Spears. Many young people simply hate her because her songs have dumb lyrics about nothing at all, she is childish and… really… come on, no one listens to that crap. But even these people cannot deny that at least once they felt the desire to hum one of Britney’s songs because they have a catchy tune and when we are happy and we need to express it somehow we can even ‘sink to her level’. It is just the human nature.

I think therefore that Boys and Girls is very good. The whole story is cute, Ryan is cool and Jennifer is astoundingly beautiful. (Don’t even try to argue that last point :)