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killer eyes

I have a brand new desktop background again. It is Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black, Boys and Girls) in a white summer dress with all her cuteness. Watching her in films I noticed that she can either give a very sharp look or when she smiles her eyes somehow glitter in joy. Those eyes can kill me.

A person who read {Rules are Rules} told me some interesting things about it. He said he didn’t like it as it is very pessimistic. In his words: ‘It is exactly the {FunCom} way of doing things. They know it is bad but they accept they and won’t do anything about it ever.’ I can see some truth in these words for it is undoubtly better when you can see the world always positively. However – at least for some people – it is not that easy. If you expect always the worst to come you can be only surprised if something better follows. Waiting for the best to come can result in disappointment many times.

For example if I believed that I would have passed my three analysis exams I would bitterly disappoint myself every single time. In the other hand I will never pass any exam if I don’t believe in it. I know it very well. Sadly knowing is one thing and believing is another.