Engineering Manager | Trail Runner | Stockholm, Sweden


I am not too happy that the second semester starts very soon. I pretty much got used to my cosy home room and home life during the few days I – finally – could spend here. It is considerably easier to wake up whenever I want, do the stuff I really want to do during the day, sit up late playing AO and sleep in peace. It’s not that I live under very bad conditions in Budapest it is just less comfortable to share a five by five room with two others. Plus I have a strange devotion to silence. I mean I like reading and especially sleeping in silence which – mildly speaking – is not exactly the situation there. Anyway it IS better than sleeping in a trench during the second world war with the Germans/Russians/Americans (select the most appropriate for your alignment) constantly firing all over the night, but hey, if one does not whine and desire something better how would the world progress?