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concept MMO

I was thinking of a game. Of an MMORPG that is a little different from the ones that exist. Because however magnificent game I think Anarchy Online is, I have an idea, an idea of a game that offers a different kind of gameplay.

This is a game where characters have no levels and there are no experience points either. Just think of it, experience points mean nothing. If I kill only and only one type of mobs in AO lets say I do nothing but hunt cyborgs and level to 200 and another character does many things, goes to missions, hunt at several places and reach the same level our experience points are the same but the actual experience is very different. This is why this point system is not the best.

Let’s say I play a hunter in my game. After creating my character I get nothing but the clothes on me. Because I know nothing of the world around me I start to explore. I walk to woods and keep my eyes open. To feed myself I hunt first smaller animals like squirrels and mice. Slowly one can learn how to make a bow and will be able to go for a bigger game.

I do not get any ‘points’ or ‘levels’ but I gather real experience through this. I can learn how to skin the animals I kill and how to cook them. I can master in the usage of the flora of the forest as well.

When I die, for example a bear that is too strong for me kills me then my soul leaves my body and reborns in an exactly same one. I can’t lose my experience or levels because they do not exist. But I will know where the tree is from which I can make an excellent bow and next time I will be more cunning and use a poison from a deadly plant to kill the bear.

This is hard to realise beacuse many people want a defined goal, they are playing a game only if that offers them levels and power through it. However actual role playing can be reached if we make a game like above.