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The weather was really sad today. You know, everything is grey, the sun has no chance of shining through the thick layer of dark clouds on the sky and a disappointing fog covers the view. The snow has already half-melted as a result of this week’s warmer temperature and now it is dirty and grey.

I dug deeper into the secret of Silent Hill today and I enjoyed it as much as one ‘enjoys’ a horror game. I had to solve a rather nasty riddle in which not the riddle was the tough part but the method of combining two things of your inventory. It is not that obvious if you haven’t played any console games before, believe me.

After my brother arrived from school we set up a bunch of neutral-aligned characters and started to play Baldur’s Gate in multiplayer. Previously we played a good role which didn’t fit my brother’s way of playing all the time and playing evil chars didn’t work either so we made a compromissum.

A nice day apart from the weather with nothing really to write about.