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Sleeping ’till eleven plus more Silent Hill 2 today. My art of doing nothing worthy improves with time indeed. Well that is not exactly true because I did do something worthy today, namely site design the results of which can be seen later only. Patience is the key factor of long life.

I changed my desktop wallpaper today. In my opinion it is immensely important what your wallpaper is. You might have to gaze at it all day long if you work on your computer, so it can affect your mood, the success of your work can depend on it! :) From now on I have a Silent Hill 2 wallpaper (a cute girl with a quite deadly sharp knife in her hands) instead of the old Tomb Raider one. Yep, Lara is cool, especially in the Angel of Darkness but it was high time for a change. If you are looking to find some wallpapers for yourself and you are keen on games as well try {GameWallpapers}. It is a good site featuring lots of games and high resolution wallpapers. It used to be more useful but now a 2 wallpaper download per day limit was introduced which is almost nothing. Apart from that, the sevice is good.

Stay tuned.