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and again…

Say I am pessimistic, but I have a stong basis. This third – and last – analysis exam was even more complex than the former ones. So I am quite positive I failed. Again. And forever.

What does the prince do when the dragon melts his arse three times so that he can’t win the hand of the princess ever? Chronics don’t talk ever about that. People who fail are not remembered.

What else can I do then. Nothing else than taking this subject up again next semester. Which is not only annoying but also ruins the whole progress of mine. Because there is a rule that one can only take up other maths subjects if he passes analysis. Conclusion: I have set a huge obstacle in front of myself. Which disappoints me. And I am scared of what’s coming.

As for the good news – which are good indeed but still totally shaded by the cloud of analysis today – I passed law with a surprisingly good mark. Plus I managed to reimburse the lost journal posts which I have deleted on my home computer accidentally.