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Lately – well mainly yesterday – I was too tired and busy to post. Yesterday I put my latest translation, {Rules are Rules}, online and updating took all my writing power. It may sound fast and easy but cross-checking links and FTPing files can be very tiring, just like BS missions.

Ah, AO. I have had a very pleasant experience Friday evening (well, Saturday the crack of dawn to be precise). I took part in a Tarasque raid, and after we have killed the pet lizard I was just browsing my inventory outside Camelot castle. I entered the rolls just because I always do. However the next second everyone came and congratulated me. I have won one of the best – and most expensive – items in the game, the chest piece of the dragon scale armor set. I was shocked. And happy of course. Finally I won something really precious. :) And I also contributed to the statistics as well: my friend pointed out that Hungary must be placed top on the dragon armor per player queue.

Needless to say that I am also preparing for my third – and last – analysis exam on Monday.

Does the name Leon say anything to you? It must! I didn’t know how much I have been missing because I haven’t seen Leon, the professional ’till this week. That movie can be described by only speaking in superlatives. Luc Besson created a very strange mirror of our world. To start with even the base setting is surreal. A contract killer teaming up with a twelve-year-old girl? Unusual to be honest. And things are twisted later indeed. The girl (Mathilda) smokes. The hit man (Leon) drinks milk all the time and starts to play with a toy pig puppet to make Mathilda smile. Or the unbelievable scene when Leon is watching a love story in the cinema with an opened mouth – like a child. Plus two of my favourite parts. 1) Mathilda is in their apartment and Leon is departing to do his job. Mathilda wants to accompany him but he says she needs to grow up a little. Mathilda’s reply: ‘I finished growing up, I am only aging’… 2) Mathilda is sitting on the stairs of their house when a group of kids from the street come and start to bully her. She – just like an adult – pays them a LOT. And then asks: ‘Does paying mean I have to put up with you, too, guys?’ Exactly what an adult would say. Well, she finished growing up indeed.

As I am only watching movies and don’t know the deep details of making I don’t dare to say anything about how masterfully was this movie done. However there are things I can notice as well. Firstly the shooting: there are awesome pictures. Like when Leon opens the door for Mathilda and the sun lights up the whole scene or when Leon dies: everything is silent and the camera follows the collapsing body while everything turns white.

And lastly but not leastly the acting. I have heard Jean Reno (Leon) is a very good actor but now I am absolutely positive about it. And I do think Natalie Portman is awesome too. She was dangerously cute at that age even and she played Mathilda masterfully.

‘What exactly do you do for a living?’ ‘I am a cleaner’