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more exams

I am Hungry and tired. And I am waiting for my exam result in the Salthouse. At least there are some computers around me. ;)

I am seeing my posts becoming single-minded lately. Only school stuff. Well I need to pass my exams and all my thoughts are about this at the moment, so sorry for not being creative enough, I hope it will and soon. (with my exam-period of course :)

However having exams is only one of the challenges I am currently facing. Travelling is adventurous these days as well. Since 30-40 centimetres of snow fell and the temperature is constantly below fifteen degrees Celsius our railway company ceased to work normally. It is outrageous what we have at stations. Trains have more than two hours of delays. A day before yesterday the railway itself broke between Szolnok and Budapest. Not to mention the trains running without any heating. So currently if you want to travel by train here you are advised to pack many warm clothes and food for the extremely long travel time. And be not too sure that you arrive at all.