Engineering Manager | Trail Runner | Stockholm, Sweden


Today is so better than the days before. I can’t exactly explain why. I feel some kind of harmony around me. Maybe the snow has something to do with it. It has been snowing since the crack of dawn. And it snows heavily. It stopped for an hour or so, but it started again as soon as my father was ready with shoveling the snow from the pavement in front of our house.

I am planning to play some AO after lunch. My cute she-fixer kind of r00lz. :) Thanks to the Chemical Maussers I got from Spindizzy and to the mezz my brother’s crat has no mob can frighten us two. It is really fun.

I do hope this feeling of flying in happiness (no, I don’t smoke pot, hehe) remains for tomorrow’s exam as well. As I was told: there is great potential in me. I must show it is true.