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written in the stars

Do you beleive in horoscopes? I sometimes read my horoscope in the papers just out of curiosity. If it predicts a good day/week for me it fills me with satisfaction while if it says my future is dark I can simply say: horoscopes are not true. Today’s horoscope promised me success and joy all over the day, and for today’s keyword it selected dignity.

As for the painful truth nothing happened the way I wanted today, I wasn’t succesful in anything I had today and I was more a fool than a dignified person. In the morning I woke up early to catch the train to Budapest for I had a Sociology exam as you might already know. On my way to the train station I was running to a bus when due to the ice-covered pavement I fell on my back… right into a puddle. My suit got wet and dirty all over. (remember the keyword: dignity!?)

*Luckily* my trousers somewhat got dry during the train trip. (The train had a 20 minutes delay.) When I arrived to the university I went to check out where my exam wiould be. To my great surprise I didn’t have an exam at 9AM but 2PM as the paper said. (The exam started at 9AM but there were groups arranged and I was in the 2AM group.)

Well, what could I do in a dirty suit with a whole morning available. I played cool guy and went to the cinema. :) I watched Sweet Home Alabama. I had great fun and I think this was the top of my day which I didn’t know that time…

The exam gone very bad. I didn’t seem to know what I knew even. I was scaringly dumb.

So what is the moral of this story? Well I should have learned more. I shouldn’t have ran to catch the bus when I *knew* the pavement was slippery. I should have asked one of my friends to ceck out the exam paper for me so that I could have known exacly when would have I my exam. All in all, I sucked today bigtime. :(