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Old Athen

I am in the just-before-exam state. Tomorrow I will have my very first oral exam at my university in Sociology. I have learned a lot – to my standards – so I think it will go smoothly. The only thing to care about is evade black cats. :)

As I am not the kind who can sit and learn for 8 hours I also played AO yesterday. I think one needs breaks between learning periods. We played with my brother again and we reached the title level of Worker and Medic. Hooray! :) And later at night I played Jagie on my brother’s Atlon XP 1700+ with GeForce 440MX. Man, that was awesome! Flying over Old Athen in CF Parrot I could have a wide view over the whole city with all the towers and buildings. The horizon did not end with a blurred gaseous cloud like on my computer but all the objects in the distance were visible. And there was only the netlag not any graphics lag like on my humble celeron. I didn’t know AO was *this* beautiful!