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The last day of the year came with depressingly sad weather. It was raining all the day and not a single hump of snow remained due to the realtively warm temperature. And today it is freezing cold again. Brrr.

At the end of something and the start of something people tend to give an account of what happened and also propose future goals and plans. I have no intention to change this, so here is some statistics of the last year about this site: During the five months since is online I wrote 64 posts. The site was redesigned once and now it contains 14 html pages. I had 132 visitors from Hungary and all over the world including France, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Norway.

For the upcoming year people always wish each other health, success, happiness and luck. Well I will surely need luck form 3 January (Sociology exam!!) for I have learned a lot therefore all I need is that good luck shines on me. As for the site I am sure there will be more posts (because 12 months is surely a longer time than 5, hehe ;) ). And I will constantly improve it. (There is a translation coming for Hungarians soon!) Salvaes, my Dutch friend from AO just game me a very positive feedback about what I do here. Many thanks ! :) All I can do is try to keep up the quality, which I promise.

Yep, AO. To my – and my brother’s – great surprise we managed to play AO on the same ISDN line, two of us at the same time. I dowloaded {WinGate} – a proxy-kind software – and using it two Anarchy Onlines can run on the two computers of us. This means we can play together wich opens new dimensions of AO. My brother is an enforcer currently (Lordkondrat) and I started a doctor (Hamvaska). We r00l the missions believe me. ;)

To end the very fisrt post of this almost-upcoming year what else can I wish you than health, success, happiness and luck… :)