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Siedler von Catan

Just now when I was feeding my fish I noticed that one of them is missing! Disappeared without a clue. Well, it may have… passed away, but then I suppose I should have found a corpse. Or the last chance is that my fish are cannibals! There is a large red one that resembles very much to Hannibal Lecter anyway. :)

My brother got a Macmillan English Dictionary for advanced learners for Christmas. Man, that dictionary is really good. It even has an additional CD-ROM with all the material of the dictionary plus it can pronounce all the words and there are also study-pages and pictures in it. All of this supplied with an user-friendly and up-to-date GUI (which most electronic dictionaries lack in my opinion). Macmillan made an etalon for foreign lerners.

I have read in an essay that most of the things people buy are just bought out of first sight and passion. I think this might be true. For example when I was doing my Christmas shopping I saw an auction at the games section of the local Tesco. I checked it out and out of a sudden I bought {Settlers of Catan}. :) It is a table strategy game awarded by many prizes and said to be a largely entertaining one. Well I can approve it, it IS very entertaining and fun. Even my father is caught and now we are playing almost every day a round with my brother and him. I am truly happy I bought it. :)