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still cold

This Christmas was freezing indeed. Yesterday at the break of dawn the temperature outside was below minus eighteen degrees Celsius as my mother reported. Luckily I was fast asleep that early because I tend to play AO late at night. ;) But days aren’t warmer either: my cheek itched as if it was pinned with little icicles when we were walking towards my grandparent’s house from the railway station. (My family has no car.)

Christmas itself was happy, I got tons of presents and it was much of a relief noting that all of my presents were a good choice.

What bothers me though is the period of hard work I am standing before as I will start exams almost in a week now and I still have much to learn. Luckily most of my subjects (Sociology, Mathematical Analysis, Statistics, Law, Civilisation History) are at least a little interesting and that makes learning way easier.