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hot water

I am better now, tomorrow I will be good as new I am sure. :)

While having a shower I just made a very interesting recognition. Shower is the best place to think about journal posts. With all the quiteness and the hot water running on me, ideas what to write about just flocked to me. I guess I’ll have a pre-shower every time I want to write a neat post.

Yesterday – though I was ill – great luck shined on me as I could finish with Smuggler’s Den once and forever. I have a full set of MKII armor now! Yep. And 6,4k HP. Which r0xx. Yeehaw!

Now I am busy with tons of mails I am sending to different friends and relatives of mine to wish merry Christmas. I cited a message for them from the Bible as well, from the thirteenth chapter of the first letter to Corinthians about love. Not that I am a believer in God (what I believe in is a difficult question which I have to think about myself as well. Maybe one day I’ll post it. I am not baptised, that is for sure.) but once my father showed this to me and I liked it very much. That’s all.

I don’t think I’ll post tomorrow, so: I wish you, readers, a very merry and peaceful Christmas!