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Chamber of Secrets

I agree with the common opinion that the second {Harry Potter movie} is better than the first one. The story feels more like a flow and it can keep up one’s attention even if he read the book earlier. However the problem persists that the filmmakers want to show too much of the book. It must have been a very hard decision what to put in and what to cut from the movie. I stick to the belief that Harry Potter cannot be made into a film very easy and Chris Columbus does his very best to do it.

The character of Dobby for example was flawless. I think he is the current top of computer animation. He was so alive and every move he made was perfect. Waht more, the animators could catch the personality of Dobby very precisely. Dobby’s grimaces and mimicry were very realistic.

The scene I liked most was – strangely to some people – the end of the movie when Hermione and Harry hugged each other and Ron shook hands with Hermione. Some may say it is very Hollywood-ish or Disney-ish. However this scene filled me with emotions of friendship and love and I think this is the real value of both the book and the movie. The Harry Potter series lay a great emphasis on showing true human values which is in scarce in nowadays life.