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As far as I see it is not only me who thinks the AO: Notum Wars delivery is a {fiasco}. Well I hope I will get my copy for next weekend as the official velvet tower-building event is held that time. Pretty strange thata guild announces this. However Marlark’s comment explains: “We want to do it cool. :)”

What is more important is that I reached the title level of Wanderer! Clap and hooray! No more silly skillcaps, muhhahahahaha. :D It was a hard work, I could barely see at the end of the uncountably many missions I made this weekend to reach 150. But it worths it I think. With a couple of implants I will be able to cast many new nanos, for example a better heal and Calia’s Form: Parrot. And in Velvet all members hitting 150 get 6 NCUs of their like as a present. So I am totally happy.

As you might have seen I made a couple of changes on the {stuff} page. Plus I am working on a project that is a secret at the moment. You will see what it is when it is ready.

Almost forgot again: I am always joking on my friend that he has no link on his website to mine. Well I don’t have either so now I am compensating for this: {>>>link 2 ::Wastedbyte’s site}. Check it out, though it is under constructuion yet. (As always if it’s his site… ;) )