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OK, I am lazy, I admit that. I was home and I didn’tupdate at all… though I had the chance. In fact I did nothing I wanted to this weekend. I was home but during the day I felt I don’t want to do anything, all I did was waiting for midnight so that I can connect to the net. I mean whatever I started I didn’t have the fun I expected. Well at least ost of the time I didn’t.

The main thing I came home was the Katie-day at my ex-school. Its name is Varga Katalin Grammar School, where Katalin is Katie in Hungarian. And we here have not only birtdays but also name days meaning all days of the calendar are assigned to one or more names. For example Peter is on 29th June. Back to the point, we celebrate the name day of our school too, which means a gathering at the local basketball stadium where each of the first-year classes do a short performance and the first-years’ initiation ceremony is held plus there is partying in the evening.

As a university student I mainly chatted with old schoolmates and teachers. It was great to meet some people I haven’t seen since our last exams. :) And teachers were also curious about how are we doing at the unis. All in all, we had a good time.

I am reading a book at the moment written by Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson titled: The Age of Propaganda – The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion. As I proceed in reading, I am amused again and again how smart the advertisements are made to make people buy that particular thing. It is awesome that most of the time something in our subconsious guides us – that is manipulated by the advertisements – and not our common sense, however we are positive that we decide consciously. Very cunning.

The reason I am telling this,is that i bought a new cell phone. :) I saw it in the TV this thursday and bought it on Friday. Not at all the usual process I make. However much I like to say I don’t buy things without much pre-thinkig, I did this time.

{[t200.jpg]}To name the subject it is a {SonyEricsson T200} in an icy blue colour just like on the picture. It looks very cool in my opinion, and has WAP in it as well. Recently my cell phone service provider gives unlimited WAP access for around 2€ per month. Thats quite cheap. (Unlike ANY communication-related services here.) So I am exploring the WAP-world…

Last thing that worths mentioning is Broken Sword. I got it as a full game of the magazine {GameStar} last month I think. Man, that game is great! :) First of all, the story it has is believeable, exciting and funny. It has so much little amusements in it, like the game during the install or the jokes in the dialogues. Apart form the not-so-much-up-to-date graphics, I do think this adventure is outstanding. I am highly looking forward to the 3rd part in the series now (BS3 is coming, isn’t it?).