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Naughty but nice

At Uni again… Well today I left my monthly mass-transit ticket at home – of course I only noticed it when I was on the underground – meaning I had to walk back and miss today’s statistics lecture. Bad thing.

Since I had some time since today’s communication class, I settled myself in the cosy computer-room of the Salthouse, visiting all the webpages I wanted to in a month. :)

For example I browsed the site of {Nick Hornby} where I found a cute little test: {Saint or Sinner} My results:

Naughty but nice
Like Katie Carr, you want to do the right thing, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself! Just take a moment to think about how your behaviour affects other people – if you’d be happy being treated the way you treat others then fine, if not perhaps it’s time for some intensive self-examination over a bottle or two of wine. C’mon now, look deep into the window of your soul.

I agree with the above. Its true I always want to do the best and take others feelings into consideration, however sometimes I am unsucessful and look evil. But the two wine idea I liked the most. :)