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fitting in

I have 2 and a half hours left from my 40 hours net, so the only time I can play AO is after midnight (it’s unlimited and cheaper after midnight to 7 am). However today I have to go back to Budapest so I won’t be able to play at all. This is why I am writing a post.

First of all about the AIESEC TEACH conference. I liked it very much. It was awesome to meet all the Hungarian AIESEC-ers and the conference had a special atmosphere as well. I had the time of my life there at some points. It was great to party with so many people around me forgetting about everything on the Earth. It was great to listen to Dan – the Rumanian guy – talking about feedback giving, as he put his heart and soul to make us, listeners understand. It was great playing table football with some of my LC-mates. (I have never really played it before, only once or twice, so I was a real newbie.) It was great sitting on the train heading back and talking about everything, though everyone was so tired. All in all these little moments made the whole conference a nice memory, one that I will always think of smiling.

This weekend I finally could finish Amelie. I restarted from the beginning and I felt exactly the same I felt last time. This movie has charms. The French language – which I always disliked because of being aristocratic, posh and difficult – really fits the atmosphere. The story is really cute, at some points really funny but sometimes very serious. And the love story of Amelie – unlike some of the Hollywood stories – fells more realistic. My favourite part in the film is when Amelie plays that hide-and-seek spy-game with the photo machine guy. So cute.

Skipping some time we arrive to a day before yesterday. That morning I had nothing to do and I was just browsing the films on my hard drive. I started to watch ‘High Fidelity’, though I didn’t know the title, I had no idea about the style or type of the movie. Well, the film was good. I really understood the main character, he was a little like me (well, he actually meets girls unlike me, but still…). Then when the film ended the great surprise came: ‘based on the novel of Nick Hornby’. W00t! I always meet the book and movie: ‘About a Boy’ however I knew nothing about it. Now I think I caught a glimpse of what kind of books this guy writes, and I may read them. Pity I cannot buy any books, because they are too expensive.

Yesterday I mainly played AO. A kind girl bureaucrat called Chela and my Kinizsi friend helped me to find Mantis Scissors and finally we were successful. The only thing I need is to level to 146 to be able to put it on. Here I have to mention how awesome I found the fact that there are many people who help me free of charge. Really kind people still exist.

Hm. This would be the longest post ever. I felt this would happen as today morning I woke up immensely sad and confused. I hate Sundays when I have to leave my home and family behind to go back to school. Call me a child I don’t care I still have better time at home than with anyone. In AIESEC I meet very nice people all the time however they do not know me that much I think and I am not the kind who makes friends easy. And I don’t very much like my accommodation either. It’s dirty no matter what I do, partly because my roommates don’t care about tidiness and partly because as it is one room we use as bedroom, kitchen, hall, sitting room, etc. So however much I try to ‘fit in’ the university community and life in Budapest I still cannot. Still I feel really really bad.