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I feel guilty. :) I decided to miss today’s double-German. (Last week the lessons were cancelled and the teacher decided, that as compensation there would be 2 lessons today.) As I see, 75 minutes of German is quite a lot, but 150 minutes is simply mortal. Well, seriously, I do think that my problem with German is caused by the fact, that I already know English in proficiency level and I know how hard one has to work to reach it.

Today I saw a bus of {Star Coaches} two times with a cool text on it. It reads: “Don’t panic. This is not Apollo 13. And the driver is not Tom Hanks” :)) Cute.

What I hate most in the world right after German is headache. And now I have one in addition to my sore throat. I really need some sitting in my armchair in front of my computer and play AO… a lot :)

By the way I didn’t forget my promise about the TEACH conference, I’ll right about it at home I think.