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Training 'n' Education

I am very surprised ho organised I am. :) Managed to write a post yesterday and today as well… amazing. :) I found out other computers at our lab where one can FTP (not all of them are capable :( ) so from now on there is an increasing chance of updating.

My written tests were quite successful (the ones I already know) so I am satisfied. They were not that difficult as I have expected though.

Tomorrow starts the TEACH conference of AIESEC at BalatonberĂ©ny. So I won’t post anything until next Monday (If I’ll have time then…). I am looking forward it hoivere much tiring it is. Because as usual AIESEC gatherings are the following: morning, afternoon: education, work, trainings, etc while at night: partying ; sleep: nothing at all ; consequence: total fatigue. Hehe, like I were that rested and fresh now.