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Law exam today. I am so glad I didn’t choose law school. ;) Law can be very interesting at some points as it is slightly more complex than it seems to be for the first sighet. However learning it is very exhausting for me. I hate learning things by heart, like exceptions, definitions, rights, etc. Pity law is built up of mainly these. :)

By the way: mystical things happeing again, now with my mailbox. I wasn’t able to download my messages for 3 days. The server returned either a ‘bad login’ error or an unknown error… with the same login name and password that worked for months. Weird. Today I was able to download all my mail. With the login unchanged. Seeems like there are Bermuda-triangles in the net as well. :) To be honest I have a possible explanation for this phenomena. This mailbox is a free mailbox mainly for web-based mail checking and pop3 download is only an option. But my mail delivery program checked the account every 2 minutes and it may have caused a temporary disable of the service to protect the servers. I mean not that my 2 minute checking would cause overload on thir mail server I just think they may have a rule that if one checks his/her mail too much with pop3 he/she needs to be banned for a time. Maybe.