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I must admit AO is highly addictive. I spent most of today by playing AO, and I haven’t noticed the time flying by. I successfully levelled to 136 and collected elite dog-tags. However the most heartwarming thig was that many people offered nanos and various help to me. This means I am not totally forgotten due to my unstable presence on Rubi-Ka. This is most pleasant.

I also watched K-Pax today. A very interesting movie, that makes those little wheels in the brain move. I liked the way it kept up the thrill of the watcher. No real action was going on only signs, sentences that can mean different things, etc. I like most of the films I see, however not all of them can do what K-Pax did. I started to think about the questions and problems the film set after I saw it. I regard this trait one of the most important of any movie.