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I fear this months posts will remain few in number. (Now comes the repeated promise: I will try to update more often bla bla …)

I had statistics written test today. It wasn’t too difficult, though tougher than I expected. Still I am quite sure I managed to pass it, the only question is the mark I get. (Here it worths mentioning that in Hungary we have a different grading system. We give grades from 1 to 5 where 1 means failed while 2-5 are passed. 2 is sufficient 3 is average 4 is good and 5 is excellent.)

Then when I came home I played an unhealthy amount of Anarchy Online. I haven’t played for so long that I felt real hunger for a little Rubi-Ka air. I became level 134 and collected a number of dog-tags for the Commander Brock static mission.

Today I got a set of movies from my friend in DivX. We had great fun with my bro copying all the films on his hard drive witht he following method: He copied a CD using his DVD and in the same time I sent 2 other CDs on our home network with the help of my CD and CD-RW drives. Nifty. :)

After film copying was done we sat down to play a little outro-quake. We started a CTF with some bots and soon it became clear that the bots have no chance. (Not that we were sooo great players it was set really-really easy taking the fact into consideration that it is late and both uf us are tired.) Anyway to not to sink into boredom we started hitting each other with the RPG or the Railgun (friendly fire was off) to push the other into the lava… finally my brothrer joined the bots team and we could fight each other a little. We had lots of fun. :)

And there are very strange things happening around I can’t miss to mention. My father started to play with the thought to buy me a laptop computer. W00t! That would be uber indeed! Well it is just a plan only but I think he is determined to buy one in some time. To accelerate this I applied for the job to correct maths entrance exams for a maths entrance exam course of a university. I hope I will be selected and be able to earn some extra cash. Be honest, it is always welcome.