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Waking up on Monday mornings is a pain. I really have to reorganise my timetable next semester so that I won’t need to attend 8 o’clock lectures. I am really looking forward to this because – sadly – freshmen always get a ready-made timetable and there is no chance to change it really. Needless to mention that this means 8 o’clock lectures on every single day…

In general I am happy or at least balanced and satisfied. I have all my work done at AIESEC so I can concentrate on learning for my exams next week. And as October 23 – a national holiday in Hungary – is on Wednesday I can go home on Tuesday as I have no classes on Thursday. (W00t I really have to make a sentence that contains all the days of the week… it’s so confusing ;)

I am going to the cinema on Tuesday (days again… ;) to watch Bloody Sunday. I am pretty much excited about the movie. I hope it will bring back the feeling of the long gone English lessons in Grammar School. (I wouldn’t ever have thought of that I would be this much sentimental about English classes half a year later. Well, seems I am…) What I expect is that the movie is historically correct and has some love in it. Love is a must. If I lack it in my everyday life at least I want to watch it in movies.

I was told I use too much emoticons and triple dots… ;) Not… at… all.. :)