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Life is complicated. I am writing this entry in the AIESEC office again, however I will have to go to the so called ‘Salthouse’ (The building was used to store salt originally, now it is the computer laboratory of the uni.) because here the ftp transfers are blocked. The problems is finding a free computer is as likely as spotting a white raven. (Hungarian saying)

Yesterday film was OK, it had an athmosphere reminding me of the Fallout games for some reason. And I misspelled the name of Courteney Cox (missing an e ;). The best thing about the movie I think that it was subtitled so I could listen to authentic US speech for one and a half our. ;)

Note a couple of hours later: Idealism is very dangerous. I couldn’t update the site at the comp. lab of course. There were lessons being held in all damn eight rooms there. Luckily I could sneak into my father’s office…