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I came home in order to resuplly myself with piles of food and clothes for the upcoming long week+end. I will go to a meeting organised for freshmen who want to know more about the student organisation {AIESEC}. I am interested in it an I think I will join it, this is why I will spend my weekend near the lake Balaton.

However this prevents me from going to the team-camp held at the same time for my and other five groups at a very pleasant mountanious place. Anyway, however much one would want to, he cannot split himself into two.

Ah, and the news that means a weak faded ray of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel: I MAY have Internet at my accomodation. And more: a really fast one. :) This is however yet not sure and it is only a plan as I have been informed. Everyone cross your finger. I definately want Net! :)