Engineering Manager | Trail Runner | Stockholm, Sweden


It’s definately autumn here. The unmistakeable sign of the beginning of autumn is that I need socks when I stay awake late working with the computer. I always have slippers – though I am not quite sure that my sandal-like ‘shoes’ can be called slippers properly – on even in summer, because my body has the strange trait of being cold at the ‘ends’ or to put it clearer my hands and feet are always very cold. But now as we haven’t started heating yet, the lower region of the rooms is too cold for the barefoot-slipper combo.

My feelings are autumnish as well. I have no idea why but especially on weekends I feel an unexplainable dislikeness towards repeatable contemporary things. Like making the bed, brushing my teeth, having a haircut, learning German, updating the journal… I am tired of doing what I have to. This frightens me as probably it is the result of the beginning of the schoolyear, but having such attitude after two weeks is a warning sign… :(

And: I am VERY disappointed. I had a system crash that caused a complete hard-drive data loss. (Seems like {data losses} happen this time of the year more often.) This erased my AO install as well. The problem is, I have a very old version – 12.9 – and after a short calculation I recognised, that my remaining net-time of the 40 hours of net is not enough at my connection speed to download all the patches I need. Luckily one of my friends helped me: he downloaded the big 11.0 -> 14.5 patch. And then came the shock. This patch is good for ONLY 11.0, and no other later versions of AO. (Meaning I would need a 12.9 -> 13.0 patch, all 13.x patches and the 14.0 -> 14.5 patch.) I haven’t ever seen a game for which the collective patch wouldn’t update from any version to the latest. What use does the collective patch have at all?? Crap.