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baggage lost

Thursday. This means I have a completely free day, and an access to the net from my father’s office. :)

Yesterday I was in {Corvin Cinema Budapest} – a rather prestigeous place. I watched minority report, and it was indeed shocking. I like Spielberg very much since A.I. and this moivie resembled very much to it with its alternative future setting and mainly moral and ethical questions. And besides this it has adrenaline-rush action scenes as well. Pity I am too tired to write more… :(

Yep, I am tired, I hit the hay late at night as my uni-group had a party… And being sleepy means my English shrinks to a very low level. I forget the most simple words and make tons of mistakes. So I guess I’d better finish this post. ;)

Hehe, I thought better of it, as I forgot to write about a very sad experience of mine. One of the reasons I didn’t update in addition to the others mentioned in my pervious post is that I was a buit down under because of my new ‘life’ here had a rough start…

To begin with on my very first day in {Budapest} my group at the Uni (the 790 students are groupped into 18 groups) went to chat and drink to the GellĂ©rt-hill. I felt myself so good that I completely forgot to take my backpack with me when we left. Needless to say that when I ran backl for it – after 3 minutes – it disappeared. (This is how things work in big cities sadly.) The bag contained a rather expensive book as well as my scientific calculator and many university papers. This may not seem that much but consider I live in a developing country where ordinary people live in humbler conditions and that I am an university student, and those are not famous for having tons of spare money.

And there came other little nuisances too, like I was kicvked form communication lessons because the student limit was incorrectly set on the computer database we use to apply for lectures. The group contained 40 people insted of 25 so 15 were sent away including me. This has been solves though as a new group was started and I managed to get in it.

Well, enough of whining. One needs to forget bad things that ahppen with him/her as fast as possible. (I wish I had the ability to do this…)